Company Cargo Van Bought and Shipped to Us

Do you own a small company and are you looking around for a solid but fairly inexpensive cargo van in order to save money? What small business owner doesn’t want to save money whenever they can, these days? If you’ve found the ideal vehicle or vehicles, but the vans are out of state and hundreds of miles away, the most inexpensive method of getting them to your location is an experienced auto shipping company.

Auto shipment is a real money saver for the businessperson when equipment or vehicles are needed and the best bargain is far away. Open or enclosed trailers can be used but in the case of cargo vans, open will work fine. Open trailers are cheaper and if you have a couple of company cargo vans you need to get to your site right away, a good vehicle shipping company will make it happen. But, are you too busy to start calling or emailing the various auto transport companies in order to get a few quotes? Time is money, the old cliche, is very much true when every expense and outlay counts in the overall budget. Times are tough.

Perhaps one of your branch offices has a couple of extra vans and reshuffling the vehicles around will be cost effective. Who wants to pay to have drivers bring them out to your branch office, perhaps have to stay in motels for a few nights, then fly back to their own location? That wouldn’t be worth it. The money you saved by buying the vehicles from another state or online, would be lost and then what’s the point in getting them in the first place? Cargo vans make great delivery vehicles and gas saved over a box van if you can use a cargo van instead, really adds up throughout the fiscal year.

Checking out an auto transportation company that can send you multiple quotes via email is such a time and energy saver and stress reliever, so why use any other method? It could take hours logging in, studying and comparing, then making the right choice of which company to use. Get the task done right and get it done quickly. The sooner you can purchase, get shipped, and gas the vans up and on the road, the sooner you will be saving money for your company. Trying an auto shipping company for the first time may surprise you. Only in a good way, as to how much money it will save.

One-Way Cargo Van Rentals

Whether you are relocating or transporting other types of cargo over a long distance (interstate for example), then choosing a company offering one way cargo van rentals might best suit your needs. This type of rental basically allows you to pick up the rental van at your current location and return it to the depot when you get to your destination. This means that you do not have to return the van to your original location saving you some unnecessary traveling. If this type of cargo van rental sounds like it is suitable then it is a good idea to ensure there is a depot to return the vehicle at your final destination. However, most quality rental companies have offices in the major towns and cities.

Getting the best price on your cargo van rental is not hard. You can use the Internet to research the different companies, which is a great way of comparing prices and features. You may even want to try and find a coupon to make your rental even more affordable. Doing these things can actually save you a considerable amount of money. When you decide to book your cargo van you can either call the company or book online. Online booking is very popular because it is easy and you get an instant response without waiting on hold!

There are some final considerations when booking your vehicle. Firstly, remember that a one way rental will be slightly more expensive because you are returning your van at another depot. Also consider the cost of any extras such as insurance, packing and loading materials. Always carefully consider the size of the van you are renting to be sure that it will be large enough. By doing these things you can be sure that your one way cargo van rental will suit your needs!

Cargo Van Utility Racks Expand Contractor Van Storage Space

If there’s one thing that contractors could use more of, it would be more storage space in their commercial vehicle. Cargo van utility racks maximize vehicle storage space, but not all racks are durable enough to last through the tough rigors of a contractor’s daily activities. And, they are not all designed to protect the ladders and cargo that store on top of a full size van.

What is a utility rack, and how is it used? They are special uprights and bar supports configured in a rack shape, secured to the top of a cargo van, so that ladders, pipes, lumber, and sheet goods can be transported outside the vehicle. This maximizes inside storage space, and allows for flexibility in transporting large items to the job site.

Sometimes called a roof rack, these are used by many types of people, for a variety of reasons. Even consumers use roof racks on the tops of their vehicles. These storage racks are helpful for transporting bicycles, canoes, kayaks, surfboards and more.

Contractors use cargo van racks to safely secure and transport ladders and lumber. Plumbers might use them when they need to move long sections of piping. Utility racks are rugged and capable of carrying bulky cargo or long construction materials.

What to Look For in a Cargo Van Utility Rack

Durable design – look for a rack that is designed to reduce corrosion, one that eliminates the need for welding, and one that is built of strong steel for long-lasting use without denting.

Flexibility in configuration – see if the uprights feature numerous attachment points to secure cargo straps. An additional center bar is a great option to support shorter length cargo and provide added center support.

Long-lasting in all types of weather – if the cross-bars are one-piece solid construction, there is less chance of rusting or corrosion. Make sure the cargo van utility rack is coated with a durable powder coat paint, protecting the entire rack from weather elements no matter what the season.

Round vs. square bars – this helps stabilize the load, so it doesn’t roll across the bars when loading. Also make sure the uprights are fully plastisoled, to protect against wear and reduce ladder fatigue.

Choose the Utility Rack That’s Right for Your Cargo Van

Determine your cargo hauling needs, and the rack versatility you would like for future commercial storage with your van. Well-designed cargo van utility racks are built tough, because they need to last a long time and carry a heavy load. Understand the weight limitations for your utility rack, and the roof of your cargo van. Always be sure to load your rack properly and securely tie down all cargo.

Rugged is a good descriptive term for your roof rack, and those built of steel construction are designed to be rugged and long-lasting. The steel is less likely to buckle or dent, so your cargo won’t get scratched when loading or unloading.

Some utility racks are designed for any type of cargo van or truck; while others are built to better specifications of size and contour of a specific vehicle body. Understand what will work best for your commercial vehicle, along with the proper methods of loading cargo on top of your van. A quality cargo van utility rack is an additional tool for your commercial fleet that lasts a long time and makes your loading and unloading jobs easier.